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Stephen kalu James known as Steven Jay is a song writer, a gospel artist filled with inspiration from God and his song is about the manifestation of God through the life of mankind. He drop his first gospel Jamz titled ‘ Na God’. Steven Jay currently live in Moscow, Russia.

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You be God, you be God o.
You too dey bless, you know dey fail ooo, yah.
Yeah, oh, oh, oh, yeah.

Who be the man wey make the heaven and the earth (Respond) Na God
Who be the man wey create all the things you see (Respond) Na God
He made you beautiful and wonderful you know (Response) Na truth
He made you so pretty my sister no doubt am (Respond) Na truth
Even you fine bobo sha know be him create you (Respond ) Na him
God made your hustle go celelewerere. (Respond) Na truth
God even gat your back when you wan fall last time ( Respond) Na truth
So make you count your blessings name them one by one

If e know be God oh
Na for where Na for where I for Deyee.
If e know be God oh
Na for where Na for where I for Deyeee.

God oh, God oh o.
God oh, God oh o.
God oh, God oh o.
God oh, God oh o o

Verse: 2

I know Dey complain everything wey you Dey do I just dey surprise
Everyday and every night you just Dey supply . I just Dey maximise
I say nah only you wey carry me go on top to the fullness I enjoy I know go ever stop Me I get backup, I say nah God weyDey watch me nah my anchor
All the battles e Dey fight know be by them say
All the angels Dey guide me know be by mistakes So no dey match up
You don forget say nahdifferent race we Dey face
God can still make everything good so no Dey make haste
Like your face hate towards that your room mate
You don forget say nah Godmake you Dey today.
You don quickly forget about yesterday.
So make you thank God Go

Repeat chorus twice

Verse 3
Who be the man wey know Dey sleep wey know Dey slumber (Respond) Na God
Who be the man weydey protect you weydey guide (Respond) Na God
He know Dey fail you. (Respond) Na truth
He too dey help you. (Respond) Na truth
Even the food wey you Dey chop nah emDey give you (Respond) Na truth
He never put you into shame
He still Dey bless you all the same (Respond) Na God
Count your blessings all your blessings.
My brother make you thank God for your life
Because everything wey God Dey do naem be best oh.

Repeat chorus twice

Instrumental ( outro)

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